Introduction to Wrath of the Lich King Classes and Talents

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I believe that most of you who visit to this website has no idea what World of Warcraft (WoW) classes are and what is the relation with talents. I will explain to you in a very clear way that after you finished reading this, you will get the idea of all the classes WoW has to offer and able to choose what kind of class fits you and talents that you will focus onto.

Before we began explaining about Classes and Talents, it’s best for you to know a bit about the WoW races. WoW has 2 factions that constantly battle against each other, within each faction contain 5 races (10 races overall);

Alliance Faction:

1) Human    2) Dwarf      3) Gnome     4) Draenei      5) Night Elf

Horde Faction:

1) Orc      2) Undead      3) Tauren      4) Blood Elf       5) Troll

Each races possesses unique racial traits, which you can view them on the link (we will provide you with the link at the end of this introduction). That’s the end of the WoW races introduction. We now move on to the classes. The max level in WoW Wrath of theLIch King (WotLK) is level 80, the previous expansion WoW Burning Crusade is level 70, and the original WoW is 60

WoW offers 10 classes;

1) Death Knight     2) Druid      3) Hunter      4) Mage      5) Paladin     

6) Priest      7) Rogue      8) Shaman      9) Warlock      10) Warrior

All the classes are playable in both factions. Each of these classes has 3 talents. Talents are one of the main ways to customize your WoW characters to become specialist in one of their available class roles. Let’s use an example of Druid class. The Druid talents are: Feral Combat, Balance, and Restoration. You can only focus on one talent of all three, or make it hybrid even though its not as powerful as focusing on one. Druid Balance talent turns you into damage-dealer caster class, where you can deliver high amount of pain that makes your enemy succumb within several second, in wow terms “Damage per second (DPS)”. Feral Combat talent turns you into melee damaging class as well as the protector of the group, in WoW terms “Tank”,  when you doing group dungeons (Player Vs Enemy “PVE”) where monsters can kill you with in a blink of eye or player versus player (PVP). Restoration talent need no further explanation. Where you become the beacon of hope among your groups since you become expert in healing the party and yourself. I will provide each class talents in greater detail below.

Death Knight

The fearsome death knight will be the first World of Warcraft expansion hero class. Heavily armored unholy warrior who have faced and embraced death, armed with deadly arsenal, and possess forbidden runic magic learned from Lich King’s thrall. The death knight is no longer served under Lich King’s will but to own. Death knight class becomes playable at level 55.

Death Knight talents are Blood, Frost, and Unholy Information (Coming Soon!)

Death Knight Spells and Talents can be viewed in the link provided.


The constant communication with wild animals and nature balances allows druid to harness the power of the nature. They are powerful healers that able to ressurect fallen comrades and cure potent poisons. When nature calls druid to deliver its wrath, Druid will perform wide range of extremely damaging nature abilities such as, restrict foes movement with its entangling roots or casts swarms of insects to disrupt and destroy them. Druids can turn themselves into bears, cat, or even sea lions gaining powers in combat and travel. Druid is the most versatile class capable of filling any roles.

Druid talents are Feral Combat, Balance, and Restoration

Feral Combat – Allows druid to turn into animals with keen instinct to kill, gain inhuman speed, and strength of the bear equal with its endurance. Suitable for melee-Dps or tank role.

Balance – Druid able to borrow the power of Nature by acting as the messenger of Nature’s wrath that strike its foes with fearless consecutive damaging spells. Suitable for range-Dps role

Restoration – Druid gain the powers of healing and ressurect fallen comrades with the soft tranquility of Nature. Making this talent a beacon of hope for its allies. Suitable for healer role

For more information about spells and talents, please refer to the link.


Hunter possess  gift of a hawk eye that is used for delivering its deadly message at a distance of bows/rifles. Hunter also possessed primal connection with beasts of Azeroth, taming and making them his/her messenger of doom. As a skilled survivalists, hunter able to track its foes by laying traps to damage and entraps them. Thus, giving significant advantage of giving another damaging blows with his/her rifles/bows and pets.

Hunter talents are Marksmanship, Survival, and Beast Mastery.

Marksmanship – Hunters trained his/her eye into as sharp as eagle’s to pierce his/her foes vital organs with arrow at incredible accuracy. Slowing them with poison arrow, or silencing them from casting. A versatile marksmanship is truly feared talent by other class. Suitable for ranged-dps role.

Beast Mastery – Hunters further study how to connect his/her pets into one mind. Trained beast mastery allows Hunters’ pet to cause more damage with unending killing blows at a faster rate than without beast mastery talent. Moreover, Hunters able to tame exotic pets with bigger claws and bigger fangs. Suitable for range-Dps role.

Survival – Focusing on this talent allow Hunters to further refining its all of his/her traps that makes it more durable, more damaging, further immobilize his/her foes, leaving the already troubled foes into bigger trouble. Suitable for range-Dps role.

Further detail in Hunter’s talents and spells can be viewed on the link below.


Mages mastered the power of 3 elements; fire, ice, and arcane. By harnessing the power of elements in the palm of their hands, mages are able to deliver massive damages or neutralize their foes as fast as their casting rate. Mages also capable of dealing area-of-effect damages. Mages also able to travel across the world in an instant by opening arcane portals to the distant land, summons foods or drinks to restore their friends, augment their spell casting powers to buff their allies.

Mages talents are Fire, Ice, and Arcane

Fire – These elemental magics’ main role is delivering single massive damage at a distant not only once but several times that leave their foes burnt to death. Suitable for range-Dps roles.

Ice – mastery in keeping their enemies froze in one spot and allowing mages to send wave after wave of freezing damage, although not as powerful as fire damage, but given the faster cast rate and dealing numbers of small painful blows allows frost mages to be on par in damage wise as fire mages. Frost mages are given a gift of frozen shield that allows them to absorb quite amount of punishment. Suitable for range-Dps roles.

Arcane – Arcane mages are provided unique spells that is unique than its counterparts, fire and ice mages. Not only it has quite numbers of powerful arcane spells on their books, but arcane mages are able to reduce the magical damage from their foes by significant numbers than their counterparts and many instant cast spells. The spells mana required to cast are much more efficient as well. Suitable for range-Dps to multiple enemies roles.

For more information of the spells and talents can be viewed in the link below.


Paladin are considered as the warriors of light. Paladin bolsters their allies with holy aura and blessings to protect and boost their attacking capabilities, their have a spell that able to ressurect their allies. They are able to withstand significant numbers of punishment in the thickest of battle. While attacking, they use their massive two-handed weapons to deliver holy vengeance against their foes. Paladins are designed to outlast their opponents in one-on-one or several-to-one battle.

Paladin talents are Holy, Protection, and Retribution

Holy – The child of light, possessed the holy spells to cure and ressurect their allies. This talent has only one purpose, preventing their allies from death. Suitable talents for healer role

Protection – They use their holy spells to sustain numbers of punishment from their foes and to protect their allies from harms. They are mobile fortress, in addition to their spells they are able to stand another second than their tanking class counterparts. Suitable talents for tank role

Retribution – They convert their holy spells to deliver significant punishment to their foes. This talent boost their damage dealing capabilities that turns their holy spells into messenger of doom. Able to cast spell that immune to any sort of damage and attacking them while that spell still on. Suitable for melee-Dps role.

For more information of the spells and talents can be viewed in the link below.


Priests are masters of healing and preservation, restoring wounded allies and shielding them from incoming damage, even ressurect their fallen comrades. Priests who went to darker path mastered themselves using shadow powers to wreak terrible vengeance against their enemies or go significant discipline training that turns their holy magic into damaging spells. They have variety of protective and enchanment spells to bolster their allies. Priest is a versatile class capable of filling multiple roles.

Priest talents are Holy, Discipline, and Shadow

Holy – This talent allows priests to heal their comrades with potent healing spells that makes this class a really powerful healer. Their spells allows them to heal large numbers of party members with ease and quick execution making this class a favorable choice by other party members as their healers. Suitable for healer role

Discipline – The priests went rigorous training making the disciplined priests harder to kill, healing their parties at faster rate and bolster up to their already powerful enchantment spells. Although their healing powers may not be as effective as Holy talents, but this talent allows them to deliver holy damage spells while healing making this talent a powerful role for pvp’s. Suitable for healer and range-Dps roles.

Shadow – The priests study the art of shadow and death by sacrificing their roles as healers. The shadow priest become the child of darkness, able to deliver massive ticking damages to their enemies and silencing enemy casters. Suitable for range-Dps roles

For more information of the spells and talents can be viewed in the link below.


Rogues are a lightly armored melee class capable of dealing massive damage to their enemies in a flurry of attacks mostly from behind. They are masters of stealth and assassination, passing by enemies unseen and striking from the shadows, then escaping from combat in the blink of an eye. Rogues can also craft poisons that damage or cripple their enemies, reducing their effectiveness in battle. Groups will find rogues valuable, for not only do they deal massive damage, but they can open locked doors or chests, and disarm hidden traps as well.

Rogue talents are Assassination, Combat, and Subtlety

Assassination – The assasination rogue have mastered the art of stealth and deliver backstabbing blows precisely strike their vital organs to unsuspected armored-enemies or cripple them. a whole slew of finishing move improvements, and the majority of useful stuns/disorienting strikes. They also improved their mastery on poisons. Suitable for melee-dps role

Combat – This talent makes rogue capable of performing slice and dice attacks in front of their enemies, instead of from back. Carrying two one-handed weapons ranging from maces, daggers and swords with equal power as his main hand sword. Combat rogue is capable of delivering damage twice as fast and as powerful. Suitable for melee-dps role.

Subtlety – The uniqueness about subtlety lies in their mastery of stealth killing. Unlike assassination, Subtlety allows rogue to perform several massive blows without being seen, and while in the midst of battle the rogue may perform another stealth-attack-from-behind by teleporting himself to the enemy’s back. Subtlety rogues kill their foes without being seen. Suitable for melee-dps roles.

For more information of the spells and talents can be viewed in the link below.


Shaman is a versatile magic oriented hybrid. The use of their totems is what makes this character a very unique one. They are masters of the elements of lightning, using their totems to heal and enchant their comrades in the battle. Shaman also capable of dealing massive melee damage with two handed weapons given to the right talent or healing their comrades in the middle of battle, thus making this class a very unique class.

Shaman talents are Elemental, Enchantment, and Restoration

Elemental – Shaman takes the roles of dealing massive damage with their chain of elemental bolts from a distant. Their totems are also adjusted to boost their already powerful spells, makes it even faster to cast and even stronger in dealing damage. Elemental shaman is a favorable class among the groups as well as feared class in the eyes of their enemies. Suitable for range-Dps class

Enchanments-  This talent turns shaman into a powerful two handed melee damage dealers imbued with the power of elemental lightning. The totems are also adjusted to boost their melee capabilities, makes it stronger to deal damage, and faster swinging speed.

Restoration – Allows shaman to become the beacon of hope towards their party members. As it names suggest, Restoration shaman take the role of healer to their groups. The totems also adjusted to boost their comrades’ mana regeneration, makes it harder to deplete the casters mana which makes restoration shaman a value member as a healer member and as a support caster dps member.  Suitable for healer role

For more information of the spells and talents can be viewed in the link below.


A dark side of range-dps casters. Mastery of shadow, flame and demonology spells and curses. Warlock classes are capable of delivering massive ticking damage curses or quick burst of damaging flame and shadow spells with the aid of their demon pets that bolster their allies and warlocks with powerful enchantments and spells.  Warlocks also able to summon other players from across the world using ritual magic to conjure portals.

Warlock talents are Affliction, Demonology, and Destruction

Affliction – Warlocks have mastered the art of plaguing their enemies with diseases and curses capable of damaging them in a ticking bomb fashion way. One of their curses allows them to steal some enemies hp back to the casters, in addition to drain life spells that replenishes warlock’s life making them hard to kill. Suitable for range-Dps role.

Demonology – Warlock demonology are what mainly distinguishes warlocks from mages. Warlocks further strengthening their demon pets that allows them to deliver massive damage and critical damage to their foes while the warlocks cast curses and shadow bolts from afar. The demonology warlocks are able to summon a very powerful demon, fel guard. Suitable for range-Dps role and solo questing.

Destruction – Destruction warlocks capable of delivering massive damaging spells in a single blows . This talent suits for players who want to deal consecutive critical burst damage. Destruction warlocks are hard to master because most of their spells are chain spells for example, incinerate spells must be accompanied with immolate spells to do extra damages. Mastering destruction warlock can be very rewarding because each time fire spells delivered will be more damaging as more and more blows are struck. Suitable for range-Dps role.

For more information of the spells and talents can be viewed in the link below.


Warriors can be a raging berserker or an iron-clad juggernaut, capable of withstanding tremendous attacks while protecting their allies from harm. They have a wide variety of attacks that do everything from cripple their enemies, to dealing massive amounts of damage in a single retaliatory blow, and enhancing their allies’ fighting ability with battle shouts. They excel at fighting multiple opponents at once, gaining rage from every blow dealt or received to unleash their attacks. Warriors are a versatile class with a variety of play-styles to choose from.

Warrior talents are Arms, Fury, and Protection

Arms – With this talent, the warrior can utilize the skill on two handed weapon to the fullest. Able to deliver more damage than without this talent. Several unique skills such as mortal strike are unlocked in this talent. Carrying huge two handed weapon with confident walk and strike a very massive damage in a single blow is the trademark of arms warrior. Suitable for melee-Dps role.

Fury – This talent allows warrior to equip two one-handed weapons with less damage than arms warrior but it makes up with its flurry of attacks. Fury warriors excels in delivering flurry of critical blows to succumb their foes. their damage and swinging speed value can be matched to combat rogue spec. Suitable for melee-Dps role.

Protection – The best description for this talent is turning the warrior into huge iron-clad of fortress. Its main role is to take a lot of punishment from their foes while protecting their allies from harm. Excels in the use of their blocking shield and other damaging shield-related technique makes protection warrior a value member to the parties. Suitable for tank role.

For more information of the spells and talents can be viewed in the link below.

Classes Talent Tree:

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